The main activities of our association are as follows.

For the academy

we regularly publish the journal “Igaku Kensa" (six times a year).

We hold the annual JAMT congress, which is a domestic congress with approximately 3,000 to 4,000 members participating.

We hold a branch congress once a year in the seven (7) branches under JAMT.

For quality maintenance

A control survey has been conducted since 1989, and about 3,800 facilities in Japan participate every year. A quality assurance facility accreditation has been carried out and 450 facilities have been approved. A laboratory data standardization project has been conducted.

For skills improvement

A lifelong education and training system (point system) has been established.

An accreditation system (hematology, ECG, chromosomal gene, pathology, and patient management) has been put in place. Various seminars are conducted by the JAMT accreditation center (for special fields within Japan and planned by the branch organizations of JAMT). Various types of technical textbooks have been published.

For the public

Recommendations for government health policy have been made by JAMT.

Educational activities for the general public (e.g., events and distribution of a public relations magazine) have been carried out.

For members

The status of biomedical laboratory scientists(legal reform)has been improved.

A liability insurance system for medical accidents has been established.

For international relationships

Affiliate as a member of IFBLS

Affiliate as a member of AAMLS

A friendship program with the Korean Association of Medical Technologists was established. 


Shirakawa-go is situated at the foot of Mt. Haku-san  in northwestern Gifu Prefecture. It is famous for the “Gasho” architectural structure