1952 Establishment of previous organization that publishes the journal “Eisei Kensa” 
Opening of 1st Congress of “Eisei Kensa” 
1962 Permission obtained from the Ministry of Health and Welfare for the establishment of the Japanese Association of Medical Technologists 
1985 Participation in the Japanese Committee for Clinical Laboratory Standards 
1992 30th Incorporation Anniversary Lecture (Memorial Ceremony) 
1995 Publication of the newsletter “JAMT Enforcement” for lifelong general education curriculum (PC system) 
Opening of JAMT homepage 
Enforcement of the lifelong professional education curriculum 
Establishment of the Japanese Medical Technologist Federation (a political organization) 
2001 Completion of JAMT office construction 
Change of name of congress from “50th Congress” to “Igaku Kensa” 
Start of operation of JAMT internet system 
2002 50th foundation and 40th Incorporation Anniversary Lecture (Memorial Ceremony) 
Approval as an academic research community by the Science Council of Japan 
2012 Change to a general corporation owing to laws related to administrative 
reform, which was approved at a plenary session of the House of Councilors in 2006


1954 Establishment of IFBLS (Formerly IAMLT) 
1972 Membership of IFBLS (Formerly IAMLT) 
1984 Asia district presidential meeting (7 countries and IAMLT President) 
1988 18th Congress of International Association of Medical Laboratory Technologists General Assembly in Japan (Kobe) 
1990 Japan-Korea delegates meet in Korea(Gwangju) 
1997 Establishment of Asia Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists (AAMLS) 
1998 Distribution of Photo Survey to AAMLS member countries 
2001 1st Congress of Asia Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)
2008 1st JAMT-JIMTEF international seminar in Thailand and 30th anniversary of Japan-Korea agreement in 57th JAMT congress (Hokkaido) 
2009 3rd Congress of Asia Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists in Japan (Yokohama) 

The Shiretoko-hanto

The Shiretoko-hanto Peninsula in northeastern Hokkaido extends into the Sea of Okhotsk.  Shiretoko is known as a “waterfall kingdom“ with quiet lakes surrounded by a virgin forest and the lakes  known as ”the five jewels”.