President's Message

As a professional organization with approximately 50,000 members, we have been conducting multiple activities to improve the status of members, and their abilities, qualities and contributions to medical health care. As international activities, we have joined the International Federation of Biomedical Laboratory Scientists (IFBLS) and the Association of All Asia Medical Laboratory Scientists (AAMLS). We also cooperate in the activities of JICA and JIMTEF overseas trainees. AAMLS was organized during the 18th IFBLS congress held in Kobe in 1988 with a plan of “An Evening of Asia”. Many enthusiastic exchanges among Asian members led to the establishment of this organization. This organization was officially launched during the Asia Medical Technologists Association General Assembly of Delegates during the 46th JAMT congress held in Nagoya in 1997. In addition, the biennial 32nd IFBLS congress will be held in Kobe in 2016. It is a great pleasure for JAMT to be in charge of this international congress. We have created the necessary organization that will prepare for this event, with the hope that many will join. To provide excellent medical care and safety through testing in the medical field, the sharing of new technology and information on clinical laboratory science, as well as study on a daily basis, is very important. At the same time, I believe that participation in the congress and the interaction of members will continue to strengthen the bond between biomedical laboratory scientists in member countries


Japanese Association of
Medical Technologists (JAMT)
President Yoshifumi Miyajima



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