The 15th of April, every year, is International Biomedical Laboratory Science Day. This year the IFBLS Board continues the theme Guardians of Quality and Patient Safety: Biomedical Laboratory Scientists. This theme is central to everything we do in our work.

We are pleased to share with you greetings from IFBLS President Marie Culliton through this video link https://youtu.be/lfxdPZQCuxo and written statement.

To assist with your celebrations, posters are available on the IFBLS website. Our poster celebrates Biomedical Laboratory Science Day. It encompasses the entire spectrum of the diagnostic pathway from request and sample collection from the patient through the laboratory where it is the Biomedical Laboratory Scientist who uses the best methods, with quality assurance, to ensure the correct result which is then interpreted correctly leading to treatment of the patient.

On Monday 15th April, we hope you will join us in celebrating International Biomedical Laboratory Science Day!

Kind regards,

International BLS Day 2024 - Guardians of Quality and Patient Safety.pdf

BLS DAY 2024.png